Organic All Season Lawn Food 9-0-0

Espoma Company


Organic All Season Lawn Food 9-0-0

Finally, an affordable, chemical – free lawn program that is safe for kids and pets. All Espoma Organic Lawn Products are specifically formulated to optimize the help of the lawn, and provide 2.5 times more slow release nitrogen (SRN) than a conventional lawn program. All Season Lawn Food also contains Bio-tone Microbes that help make nutrients more available to your lawn. These microbes will help promote faster greening, deeper roots, and improved soil structure.

All Natural Lawn Food

  • Safe for kids, pets & the environment
  • Won’t burn lawns or leach out of soil
  • Provides long lasting nutrition
  • Creates healthy lawns & soil
  • Requires less frequent mowing

Available Sizes:

  • 14 lb, 105 per pallet (EOLF14)
  • 28 lb, 60 per pallet (EOLF28)