Jack’s Professional Hydroponic FeED 16-4-17

J.R. Peter’s Inc. 


Jack’s Professional Hydroponic FeED 16-4-17

We are PROUD to introduce, on the cutting edge of fertilizer blending technology, this hydroponic blend of nutrients. Designed to deliver a complete and innovative nutrient balance all from a one bag fomula.

Formulated specifially for hydroponically grown herbs and lettuce, however has been succesfully used across many hydro, aqua and aeroponically grown systems and crops.

  • Iron is derived from three chelate sources – EDDHA, EDTA, and DTPA to keep it available over a broad range of growing medium pH values
  • Contains calcium and  magnesium both together in one bag for optimum crop performance
  • Low phosphorus level helps prevent excessive elongation
  • High nitrate nitrogen, yet still close to neutral potential acidity and no urea


For use with:

  • Herbs
  • All types lettuce
  • Hydro garden crops

Safe for use in aquaponic as well as, aeroponic, NFT, raft and floating trays and benches, bubbler buckets and much more


Available Sizes:

25 lbs. bag, 80 per pallet; Vendor Item# 77710