Pressure Compensated Drip System

Dramm Corporation


Pressure Compensated Drip System


The Dramm PCAS Drip System offers accuracy and ease of use in drip irrigation. Utilizing chemical tolerant silicone diapragms and easy to harvest, slim metal weights, the PCAS system improves on existing pressure compensated systems. Available as a single emitter to plant system for hanging baskets and as 2 and 4 way assemblies for potted crops.

LARGER EMITTER DESIGN Our PCAS Emitter is larger than our previous model and other emitters on the market. This new larger size allow us to have a wider labyrinth which reduces clogging. As the path is wider than before, less debris is trapped in the labyrinth.

The Dramm PCAS Drip System is available in four different flow rates, 0.5 gph, 1 gph, 2 gph and 4 gphand with either weight or stake outlets. PCAS emitters operate between 15 and 50 psi allowing for higher head pressures while still maintaining accurate flow.

Drawing on years or irrigation experience, Dramm can design your entire irrigation system.