Jack’s Professional Boosted Base FeED 18-2-18

J.R. Peter’s Inc. 


Jack’s Professional Boosted Base FeED 18-2-18

Our research at the JR PETERS Laboratory, as well as, our feedback from growers, showed that when fertilizing at lower nitrogen rates, additional micronutrient amendments were often necessary. Jack’s Boosted Base FeED was specifically designed for growers that fertilize at lower parts per million Nitrogen as a constant liquid program.

  • Specifically designed for growers feeding at lower N concentration rates (100-150 ppm) CLF.
  • Elevated micronutrients to combat low feed rate deficiencies of today’s newest varieties.
  • Reduces the need for extra micronutrient additions from MOST.
  • Technical grade raw materials and chelates in a true 100% soluble and available for the plant.
  • Enhanced with the Jack’s FeED blend of iron chelates designed.


For use with:

  • All types of spring bedding and vegetable transplants
  • Low ppm feeders


Available Sizes:

25 lbs. bag, 80 per pallet; Vendor Item# 77700