Jack’s Classic Orchid Special 30-10-10

J.R. Peter’s Inc. 


Jack’s Classic Orchid Special 30-10-10

High Nitrogen balance for orchids grown in fir bark. Feeds through both the roots and the leaves to ensure the developement of new leaves.

Designed to prevent nitrogen drawdown from the decomposition of the orchid fir bark growing material.

All fertilizer labels must follow the same format according to the state fertilizer laws. In Orchid Special 30-10-10, the first number is for Nitrogen. This product contains 30% Nitrogen. The second number is for Phosphate. This product contains 10% Phosphorus as P2O5. The third number is for Potash. This product contains 10% Potassium as K2O. These three elements: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium are the major elements in any plant food.

  • Mixture of high quality and purity nutrient forms to feed through both the roots and leaves
  • Designed to increase nitrogen delivery when orchids are grown mainly in fir bark media
  • Best when used as a “growing leaves” formula – promotes a strong vegetative state with dark green leaves and plenty of new growth
  • Use also in combination with a classic blossom booster to increase flower count, bloom time, and color


For use with:

  • Turfs
  • Ornamental grasses
  • All orchids grown in a fir bark medium and plants with high nitrogen requirements


Available Sizes:

  • 8 oz. plastic tub, 12 per case; (53008)