Hydra 200 G

Dramm Corporation


Hydra 200 G- 200 gal. Sprayer


The Hydra200G – 200 gallon hydraulic sprayer extends the Hydra line to larger spray capacities. Utilizing our durable and powerful triplex pump, the Hydra has capacity to utilize two hoses at a time when powered by a gasoline engine. Each reel can fit up to 250′ of hose.

The 200G can also be mounted with a single, larger reel for up to 300′ capacity. The RemoteWind reel can be attached for automatic winding of the hose during spray application.

In addition to the 200 gallon tank, the 200G has the capacity to add a separate 20 gallon tank for smaller jobs. Switch spray solution source on the fly to change chemicals during the application.

The 200G is built on a rugged, powder coated steel frame with pneumatic tires with easy-to-maneuver steering.




Vendor Item #: HYDRA200G